Do you have a marketing giant?

What lives in a handy black bag, grows to 800 x 2000mm at the stretch of your arms, is multicoloured, and shouts about your business?

What’s that I hear you say? “A foldable, huggable paid-up giant in a branded T-shirt with a megaphone?”

Good guess, but no dice…it’s a pull-up banner, a pull-up vinyl banner that can be all yours for under £120, yes an amazing price inclusive of beautiful design and if you live within ten miles of our office in Shrewsbury we will deliver it free.*

Seriously, this is a great offer and these banners are a great way to shout about your business without breaking the bank so if you have an event booked in or attend networking meetings where there’s a spot waiting for your banner, don’t miss out. Do what Andy Rao of Key3Media did, email or call now on 01743 219 010 to talk to us about designing your lovely new pull-up banner.

Banner for Key£Media
“My lovely new banner has arrived, I’m delighted with it.” Andy

*We will arrange a courier for deliveries outside Shrewsbury