You know that feeling, tingly, proud, a happy moment, you feel all warm and delicious, just like day you realised you were ready to go it alone in business? It’s amazing, a real sense of pride and achievement, a get the tutu and glittery tights on dancing about feeling, almost fit to burst.

Yup, I’m talking about that moment when a potential client says “do you have a website?”
You flip open the laptop, beaming with love and tap in your web address, “yes I do, and I love it.”
“Wow, that’s gorgeous,” says your client, “you must be so pleased”.
“Well yes, I worked really hard with my developer to get this far, it took a couple of months and cost me a fair amount. You know these developers they eat cake like a starving cakemonster, and that’s before the fees! Seriously, they are professional, I knew I’d get a great job because they came highly recommended, they didn’t talk jargon, stuck to their quote and were eager to teach me as much as I needed to know about how my website works.”

Is this you; is this the conversation you have with your potential clients?
What, this isn’t you? Did I hear you mumble something?

“Well, yeah this is my website, it’s kindofnotfinishedyet, I did it myself, it was free you know, it will look great soon. I just need to know how to get the pictures off my phone on to it then it’ll be fine. I’ve got a great name and I’ve told all my friends about it, someone else I know has a website, they get about 25 visitors a week, I could show you but they’ve broken it.”

The above mumble is real. I have heard variations so many times, most recently from a potential client whose products are high-end and beautiful, costing £100s per item to buy in. She had signed a retail lease costing £3000 a month and hoped that her online sales would match her bricks and mortar sales. Guess what…they didn’t…she came back to us and is in the process of having an elegant site developed.

I don’t really know the answer to why so many businesses will not invest in their online presence however I do know why investment in a professional developer with great skills is important:



In short: You are a business owner you sell Jiggles, you know how to do this really well, we design websites we know how to do this really well. You should concentrate on your Jiggle-selling whilst we create your beautiful ecommerce website which will expand and develop alongside your business.

We would like to help with your ecommerce Jiggles. Are you ready to invest in your business? Please give the office a call on 01743 219 010 or email, we are happy to quote and when you visit we will have cake and good coffee – what do you have to lose?