DSI London

We were contacted by DSI London in September 2015 to take on development of their Magento store following the departure of two previous developers in a short time.

As part of every project we undertake a review of the entire website, including a full Magento Code Audit. Some of the issues we found during this process were:

  1. Site is slow, not consistently responsive across different devices
  2. Basic SEO requirements are not met
  3. Sales are 40% down on previous site
  4. Site had 124,000 pages in Google results, but only around 8000 products and categories. This would suggest an issue with duplicated content
  5. Score of 0% on Google’s PageSpeed Insights.
  6. Google Analytics and Search Console not enabled
  7. Basic errors in systems integration, such as VAT code on shipping
  8. 50 separate Magento ‘releases’ on the server for one site
  9. Server was running without redundancy or backup

Added to the above issues was the desire to have everything resolved before the end of the 2015 series of BBC Strictly Come Dancing.

We began in the second half of October by putting together a design in collaboration with DSI, this was quickly turned into a fully responsive Magento theme using the default Responsive theme as the parent. Next we introduced WordPress as the integrated blogging platform and then email marketing was moved from within Magento to a leading third-party email marketing service to allow better tracking of campaign performance.

To complete the site we put together an integration with DSI’s accounting system and PayPal Pro Hosted and Express were configured to take payments. The new site went live on the 4th of December on a brand new server on schedule and in time for the Strictly Come Dancing final. The finished site can be viewed here