Is Pink Digital a Magento Partner?

In short – no. We explain below why we are not a Magento Partner and how not being tied to a product will benefit you as a client.

We have been working with Magento Commerce since 2011 and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to a client – it’s a great e-commerce product with a flexible and usable array of features. In fact Magento is the fastest growing ecommerce platform on the market and our lead developer is a Magento Certified Frontend Developer and Solution Specialist.

As a ‘Partner’ our company would receive a percentage of sales each time we sign a client up to the product. This is not the way we have ever worked and not something we are happy to do. Being committed to selling licenses restricts the range of products we can offer our clients and puts us in a position where we might feel we have to work with a certain product in order to keep the cash trickling in.

Pink Digital has always been committed to offering a wide-range of products and services without the kind of incentives or ties such partner programmes bring about. We enjoy building relationships with clients – some who have been with us for over a decade – clients who value our expertise and trust us to advise them well in an honest and transparent way.

So if you would like to talk to us safe in the knowledge that we will advise you in a sensible no-jargon, no-ties way then we’d love to hear from you 01743 219 010 or email

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